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As it is located at the foot of Mount Maiella, the hotel is not only within easy reach of both the Adriatic coast and a large part of the western and eastern slopes of the mountain but it also affords spectacular panoramic views of the same. On very clear days it is even possible to see the Tremiti Islands from here. Unsurprisingly, two phrases best defi ne the municipality of Guardiagrele - the Terrace of the Abruzzo region and the Gate to the Maiella.
The fact that we are close to the mountains (it feels that you can almost reach out and touch them) means that it is possible to take excursions into the national park and indeed some itineraries begin close to the hotel in the valley that has been carved out by the “Vesola” mountain stream. This leads to the waterfall of San Giovanni, which is 1,100 metres above sea level, Piana della Civita (870 metres above sea level), the splendid pine forest of Piana delle Mele (930 metres above sea level), the Monache Valley, situated 1,100 metres above sea level, Campanaro (1,470 metres) and Fonte Carlese, 1,725 metres above sea level. Just a few metres away it is also possible to visit a regional memorial grotto that was built in 1920 and contains frescoes, painted on ceramic, of Basilio and Tommaso Cascella as well as the tomb of the heroic Lieutenant of Vascello honoured with a gold medal for valour, Andrea Bafi le.
The hotel is surrounded by numerous interesting and remote villages that boast several archaeological museums and are often animated by food and wine festivals or exhibitions of typical local crafts that brighten up summer evenings.

Via Bocca di Valle, 66 - 66016 Guardiagrele (CH)
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